Low Temp Battery

Medical equipment lithium battery

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电压 Voltage:12V
容量 Capacity:2.4Ah
尺寸 Size:182*24*60mm


Cell: 18650/3.7V/1.2Ah Charge temperature: 0~45℃ Shell: PVC、Epoxy Board
Charge Current: ≤1C Discharge temperature: -20~55 ℃ Protection: Short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent
Discharge current: ≤1C Storage temperature: -20~40 ℃ Instant discharge current: 7.2A
Internal resistance: ≤70mΩ Temperature protection:  65℃±5℃ Discharge cut-off voltage:: 10V 


Application field: Medical equipment battery



Shockproof: Through the plastic shell shockproof structure design, it meets the requirements of high safety, waterproof and high reliability;

Anti-salt fog: to achieve resistance to salt fog mold, suitable for marine working environment.

The battery pack has a high cycle life, which is in line with the values of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection;

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