If there is an abnormal phenomenon in the course of use, such as electronic smell, deformation and any abnormal phenomenon, please immediately separate the battery and contact YINKAI as soon as possible.

●The battery is stored in a dry and ventilated environment (storage temperature is less than 30 ° C), And stored away from moisture, heat, and fire.

●Keep the original package of the battery before use. Do not put pressure on the battery. Will lead to battery deformation.

●There is an appropriate battery fire treatment program.

●Appropriate working guards (gloves, glasses, protective clothing ...)

●The storage area should be equipped with an automatic sprinkler, Do not mess up the battery.
User installation and replacement
● To install brand new batteries with the same production code or same model from the same manufacturer;

●Only use the product model that the equipment
manufacturer has confirmed;

●The damaged battery with leakage should be treated with special containers and protective equipments(gloves. goggles. protective suits and masks);

●Use should be based on YINKAI recommended use of current and temperature;

●Handle batteries in accordance with local laws and regulations;

●The packaging shall be comply with local laws and regulations; 

●Secure terminals to prevent short circuit risk;

●To avoid any incorrect operations which may caused short circuit while assembling.

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